Caring for your Cutting Boards and Cheese Boards

Your Cutting Boards and Cheese Boards are prepared using multiple applications of Food-Grade Mineral Oil followed by Food-Grade Butcher Block Conditioner, which contains beeswax and carnauba wax. We are currently using the Howard brand, available at Lowes. There are several other brands available from various sources.

To properly care for your boards, please DO NOT place them in a dishwasher. Wood products in general do not fare well in the intense heat and steam of a dishwasher. Instead, hand wash your boards using soapy hot water followed by wiping off any excess water with a towel. The process of washing the board will slowly remove the protective wax and mineral oil. We recommend periodically reapplying Food-Grade Mineral Oil and/or Butcher Block Conditioner, as appropriate. This will extend the life of your board, and help maintain the various wood colors that the board is constructed from.

After years of use, your board can be resurfaced to renew each surface back to its original condition for a minimal cost, or you can even do it at home with a progression of sandpaper grits and a sanding block. We recommend starting with 120, 150, and finish off with 220 grit.

For Cheese Board maintenance, follow the same steps above. Should your cutting wire eventually break, we have replacement wires available at a minimal cost.

This is one of our small cutting boards after two years of daily use. It had not been retreated for several months
This is the same board after applying the Food-Grade Mineral Oil followed by the Butcher Block Conditioner
This is the same board after another year of daily use. The board was slowly getting dished out in the center with all the knife work, so we did a quick resurfacing on our drum sander and a new treatment of food-grade mineral oil and wax did the trick