Wood Types

North American

Black Walnut

Even though it’s called Black Walnut, it can come in a variety of brown colors. Even a single board can have significant variation

Cherry/Black Cherry/American Cherry

Cherry has a pinkish brown color when first milled. This color darkens when an oil finish is applied. Then, over time, and especially with exposure to sunlight, the color will develop into a darker brown with a beautiful patina

BirdsEye Maple/Hard Maple/Curly Maple/Quilted Maple/Spalted Maple

Birds Eye Maple

Curly Maple

Maple of various types typically has an off-white cream color to it, though there can be some variability, depending on the grain structure and type

Yellow Birch/Silver Birch

The primary wood for this serving board is curly silver birch

Exotic Hardwoods